Want to speak?

There is a lot of ways by which you can contact me.

You can contact me for research, OTR or gaming (playing 'don't stave together', 'celeste', 'hollow knight' or 'overcooked').

I like it a lot when people use encrypted communications. Find my keys below.

You can find my contact details on the lovely footer. But, in order of preference, here they are again (and more!):

  • email: cherenkov [@] riseup [dot] net
  • twitter: [@] claucece
  • work email: sceli [@] cloudflare [dot] com
  • wire: [@] claucece
  • jabber: cherenkov_d [@] jabber [dot] otr [dot] im
  • github: [@] claucece
  • gitlab: [@] cherenkov_d
  • irc: [@] cherenkov_448

I also use:

  • signal (only for the close ones)
  • discord
  • slack
  • mumble

The keys:

  • PGP: 0x91BB6B456F442D02
  • PGP fingerprint: FAB9 3EDC 7CDD 1198 DCFD 4558 91BB 6B45 6F44 2D02