Want to see my work?

Here are the projects I have contributed to or plan to:

  • Research around the usage of digital tools to enhance gender-based violence.
  • Delegated Credentials: Implementing Delegated Credentials for TLS 1.3 for Golang.
  • KEM TLS Experiment: Implementing PQ KEMs for TLS 1.3.
  • OPAQUE: check the demo here.
  • CFSSL: Cloudflare's PKI and TLS toolkit. I helped implement ed25519 and we are currently planning on implementing CRYSTALS-Dilithium, as a PQ KEM for TLS.
  • CIRCL: Cloudflare Interoperable, Reusable Cryptographic Library. I'm currently implementing eddsa, fuzzing and testing.
  • VOPRF: Proof-of-concept implementation of the (V)OPRF protocol. I implemented curve 448.
  • OTRv4: I currently lead the protocol design and implementation of it (on Golang and C).
  • Curve448: I helped implementing curve 448 in Golang.
  • CoyIM: a secure messaging client that uses XMPP. Designed the website, the UI, and helped implement many of its functionality.